Military Technology

A first range of device designed for Defence applications, allowing:

    • computing and following the gaze direction,
    • activating a menu (e.g., using a blink command),
    • extracting vergence and measuring cognitive in depth
    • selecting a visual target (designation)

Cyclops 1 laser pointer:

can be used as an eye-tracker. The beam is collimated or not on demand according to the detection system used.

Cyclops 1 includes :

    • A double IR laser (VCSEL) pointer,

    • A harvesting antenna (by induction).

External monitoring options by :

    • A camera (target detection),

    • A Position Sensitive Device (PSD).

Cyclops 2 for target projection or designation:

Additionally, incorporates Fourier holograms projecting an icon or an image on a screen. Two different holograms can be embedded in the standard version.