“All our devices keep the pupil free”

Thanks to its smart contact lens platform, Cylensee demonstrates its capability to encapsulate a large variety of optoelectronics functions in contact lenses (flexible batteries, NXP transceivers, photodiodes, lasers, blink detectors, holographic elements etc.).

Cylensee Cyclops range:

Our Cyclops contact lens is an IR laser pointer materializing the gaze direction. It is made of one or two IR VCSELs with their driving electronics. They are remotely activated by a RFID command. Cyclops contact lenses are available in different versions:

Wear our eye assistants in full confidence

Our contact lenses are scleral contact lenses. They are made in PMMA. The absence of contact with the cornea makes them comfortable, and very steady when worn (scleral lenses are worldwide fitted by ophthalmologists and optometrists). Our contact lenses are the result of a well-controlled manufacturing process and recognized know-how for fitting and handling.

Our contact lenses are medical devices compliant with the EEC directive (2017/745 MD Class IIa).

The Cyclops went successfully through numerous safety tests in order to obtain CE marking and has been tested on animals

Tests on animals
Tests on animals

and recently on humans. Tests on patients are scheduled (March 2024).

Tests on humans