Medical Technology

Cylensee for health care (Myopia and AMD treatments)

Our research and product developments are carried out in close collaboration with the Vision Institute at UMPC (Pittsburgh).

The Cylensee Persea range:

Persea contact lens encapsulates red LEDs for preventing myopia progression in children and teenagers (myopia control by red-light therapy). A first prototype has been developed and an sample would be quickly available for clinical trials (video).

A more advanced version under development will encapsulate light sources (LEDs or lasers) and an intra-ocular beam shaping projection optics, to stimulate the retina and train AMD patients how to make the best use of their peripheral vision (see below).


Persea contact lens projects a spot of light that trains the patient to better use his retina. It includes red source, an off-axis beam shaping optics projecting a light spot (few 100µm length) at a given location of the perifovea, designating the PRL.